The Wizard of Oz

Note: This is a non-musical production.


Condensed Cast Version

Min. Number of Characters: (7) Female, (1) Male, (27) Either

Max. Number of Characters: (9) Female, (2) Male, (63+) Either


Full Cast Version

Min. Number of Characters: (8) Female, (3) Male, (56) Either

Max. Number of Characters: (9) Female, (3) Male, (91+) Either


*The condensed version of this script runs 120 mins pending intermission. Full cast version may run as long as 160 mins pending intermission.



When Dorothy is lifted up into a twister and lands in Oz, she sets off on the adventure of a lifetime. With her stuffed dog Toto and her new friends the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion, Dorothy is off to the Emerald City. Little does Dorothy know that the Wicked Witch (who dreams of becoming a dancer) is after the red slippers that Dorothy wears on her feet. In the midst of Dorothy's journey, three munchkins also make their way to Emerald city to demand repairs to Munchkin City and the yellow brick road and the Flying Monkey's are considering a strike. The story ends with Dorothy returning home and the Wicked Witch fullfilling her lifelong dream.



This version of the beloved classic has many featured roles so that you can give lots of actors a chance to shine - even if they aren't right for lead roles. Featuring a group of munchkins, mice, emerald city persons and monkeys, you can cast many actors in several different roles or drastically expand the size of your cast by using different actors for each character. An extremely comedic take on the original, this version is often a favorite for kids and adults since it combines witty humor and side stories with the expected plot.


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Excerpt is from Full Cast Version. Condensed version is slightly different.


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