The Jungle Book

Note: This is a non-musical production.


Minimum Number of Characters: (16) Female, (3) Male, (16) Either

Max Number of Characters: (22) Female, (3) Male, (78+) Either


*All of our scripts (unless noted otherwise) will run 100-120 minuets depending the number of scene changes, laughs and flow of the show.



In this fun adaption, Mowgli finds himself raised by a wolf tribe that is in jeopardy of being over-run by the evil and powerful Shere-Khan who believes that every animal has a tiger within. Mowgli, with the help of his friends Bagheera (the panther), Baloo (the bear) and Kaa (the snake) takes on the evil Shere-Khan, her jackal assistants and a band of monkeys. After spending his childhood trying to fit in with the animals of the jungle, Mowgli learns that the most important person he can be is himself.



In this version, each animal takes on a different human profession or stereotype. Shere Khan is a jungle Psychologist, Baloo is a Comedian, the Fire Ants are Fire Fighters, etc. Although some of the professions are a little more obvious, others are a bit more vague so you can make up your own ideas. Not only does this help actors to think about their characters on another level but it also allows you to keep costuming simple and within your means.

A condensed version of this title (with fewer characters and a slightly shortened run time) will be available fall 2016.



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