The Emperor's New Clothes

Note: This is a non-musical production.


Minimum Number of Characters: (10) Female, (5) Male, (16) Either

Maximum Number of Characters: (10) Female, (5) Male, (49) Either


Total Character Count (with lines): 31 - 64+


*All of our scripts (unless noted otherwise) will run 100-120 minuets depending the number of scene changes, laughs and flow of the show.



Nothing is more important to the Emperor of Knoll than fashion and everyone in the kingdom knows it - including three cunning swindlers. The swindlers convince the Emperor that they can spin a secret fabric that is invisible to fools. The Emperor hires them to make him an outfit to wear to the royal parade. Meanwhile, the Emperor's youngest niece befriends a peasant boy who has dreams of becoming a great seamstress. When the Emperor finds himself in his underclothes at the royal parade, the peasant boy offers him a beautiful robe that he made from simple materials, stones and feathers. The Emperor loves it. He hires the young boy and his family as the new royal seamstresses.



This production can be done with very simple or very extravagant set pieces and costumes. It can be set in modern time (but in a far away land) to help with costuming as needed. This production includes many featured roles including the Emperor, his (2) nieces and nephew, a peasant boy, (3) swindlers and a witty narrator who propels the plot forward. The character of the Emperor can be an uncle, grandfather, father, etc. depending on what suits your production best.


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