Minimum Number of Characters: (10) Female, (5) Male, (16) Either

Maximum Number of Characters: (10) Female, (5) Male, (49) Either


Nothing is more important to the Emperor of Knoll than fashion and everyone in the kingdom knows it - including three cunning swindlers. The swindlers convince the Emperor that they can spin a secret fabric that is invisible to fools. The Emperor hires them to make him an outfit to wear to the royal parade. Meanwhile, the Emperor's youngest niece befriends a peasant boy who has dreams of becoming a great seamstress. When the Emperor finds himself in his underclothes at the royal parade, the peasant boy offers him a beautiful robe that he made from simple materials, stones and feathers. The Emperor loves it. He hires the young boy and his family as the new royal seamstresses.

The Emperor's New Clothes - LICENSE