It's the reason we were founded

Finding a theater script with 30+ speaking roles can be downright impossible...


Or at least it used to be

Each one of our scripts is specially written to handle a multitude of characters that can be combined and expanded to offer speaking roles for 30-100 actors. In addition to that, we offer affordable licensing with contracts that give you free reign to make small edits and changes so that each script you perform can be lightly tailored, by you, to meet the needs of your production. 


Here are a few things you can expect when you license a script from P4LC


Digital script file formats in PDF and (upon request) editable versions, giving you the ability to print as many scripts as you need


Free access to our production logos for marketing your show


Creative allowance to lightly edit script wording, character names, genders and line division so your script can truly be tailored to the needs of your cast


(Future Releases) Free downloadable keyboard guides and digital accompaniment for musicals (MUSICAL SCRIPTS ARE NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)