Jack Frost

Note: This is a non-musical production.


Minimum Number of Characters: (5) Female, (5) Male, (16) Either

Maximum Number of Characters: (5) Female, (5) Male, (53) Either


*All of our scripts (unless noted otherwise) will run 100-120 minuets depending the number of scene changes, laughs and flow of the show.



The town of frozen brooks hasn't seen a spring in over 10 years, not since Jack Frost has prevented spring from coming. When Jack's yetti assistants (who always speak in rhyme) come back from the village holding a flower, Jack gets worried that spring is coming. He journeys into town and meets a young girl named Setta who has the power to make it spring, just as Jack has the power to make it winter. The two battle it out. When the town finds out about Setta's powers, the mayor convinces everyone that she could be dangerous and use them for evil and it's up to Jack to make them change their minds.



Although this story takes place in a wintry village, there is no mention of holidays making it an ideal script for organizations that want a December - February show, but who need to steer clear of religious references. The special effects can be simple or complex depending on what your capabilities are. 


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