Note: This is a non-musical production.


Minimum Number of Characters: (21) Female, (9) Male, (20) Either

Max Number of Characters: (21) Female, (9) Male, (48+) Either


NOTE: Several of the Male characers in this production could be changed to females if needed. These roles include; King (change to Queen), Ralph, Lenny and Dudd.


*All of our scripts (unless noted otherwise) will run 100-120 minuets depending the number of scene changes, laughs and flow of the show.



The show opens with the Prince accompanied by his two assistants. He shares with them that he wants to knock down the castle gates so commoners may enter the palace. He decides to throw a ball and invites every person in the kingdom (not just the wealthy). Unfortunatley the evil Strombolo (advisor to the King) switches the invitations when the Prince isn't looking in order to keep out commoners. Meanwhile, Cinderella is trying to convince her step mother and step sisters to let her attend the ball with them - to no avail. Out in the country, another plot begins. A family of country folk decide they are tired of living the common life and develop a plan to attend the ball and convince everyone they are noble men and women. The three worlds (the Prince, Cinderella and the country folk) collide at the ball. This comedic retelling ends with Cinderella becoming the Princess, Strombolo being revealed to have common roots and the country folk being hired as palace chefs.



Although many of the male roles can be changed to females with small tweaks, this production is great for organizations that have a strong male presence. In addition, this adaption has many featured roles and three different ensembles (mice, county folks and fairly good helpers), making it a great production for EXTREMELY large cast sizes. License the script to learn a fairly simple way to do Cinderella's dress change without her ever leaving the stage!!!


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