Beauty and the Beast

Note: This is a non-musical production.


Minimum Number of Characters: coming soon

Maximum Number of Characters: coming soon


*All of our scripts (unless noted otherwise) will run 100-120 minuets depending the number of scene changes, laughs and flow of the show.



Belle's father has just had his shipment of merchant goods stolen by pirates. The entire town has fallen on hard times but no family is as devastated as Belle and her father. When the pirates (posing as merchants) arrive in the town every girl has eyes for the handsome son of the Pirate leader, but he is only interested in Belle. Belle and her father set sail, hoping to find the lost merchant goods. They land on a deserted island where the Beast lives with his wait-staff (who were turned into animals due to a magic spell). The Beast agrees to let Belle's father go if Belle stays on the island as his prisoner. Over time, Belle and the Beast develop a friendship. The story ends with Belle learning to love the Beast (despite his looks), the Beast discovering that true beauty is found within and the pirate's being brought to justice.



This adaption is based on the original French version of the story - in which, Belle has two cruel, older sisters. The father is a merchant in a port town which allows for a group of mermaids (who are the narrators of the story) and a group of pirates to become part of the plot. Ensemble groups (mermaids, pirates, villagers and animals can be expanded indefinitely to include additional actors).


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